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STO 1.28 inch tft display 240*240 lcd modules display screen AA Size 21.96*21.96 RGB 6bit/MCU 8bit 30pin

Dimension :25.76*28.16 (mm)
AA Size : 21.96*21.96 (mm)
Mode of supply:Available from stock
  • S1280L0

  • STO

  • S1280L0

  • 240RGB*240dots

  • 21.96*21.96 (mm)

  • RGB 6bit/MCU 8bit


Product Description

Our Advantages                

Factory direct price / support for small batch supply / stock for sale

1. We are a professional designer and manufacturer of LCD modules and capacitive touch modules, focusing on

theR&D and manufacturing of small and medium-sized LCD displays.
2. We are a national high-tech enterprise and have passed ISO9001.2015 quality system certification.

3. We have strong R & D ability, good at ODM and OEM, product specifications, can be customized design


4. We are good at the development of consumer digital display modules, automotive electronic display modules

and industrial display modules, and provide capacitive screen overall solutions.

5. Our production line is fully automated

6. We have a standard display screen and keep 5000 pieces in stock for a long time.

7. Our products can support small batch supply and long-term supply, and 80% of customers have cooperated for

more than three years


Product Description


TIt consists of TFT-LCD , driver IC, FPC, backlight unit. The 1.28 inch display area contains 240x240

pixels and can display up to 262K colors. This product complies with RoHS environmental protection

standards and has passed ISO9001.2015 quality system certification.

Feature Specification Unit

Display Specification

Brand shengteng optoelectronics -
Size 1.28 inch
Resolution 240RGB*240dots dots
Pixel pitch 0.0915(W) *0.0915(H) um
Display Mode IPS/NB
Viewing Direction All o'clock
Gray Scale Inversion Direction All o'clock
Luminance 350 cd/m²

Mechanical Characteristics

LCM (W * H * D) 25.76*28.16 mm
Active Area (W * H ) 21.96*21.96 mm
With /Without TP without -
Operation temperature -20℃-+70℃
Storage temperature -30℃-+80℃

Electrical Characteristics

Interface RGB 6bit/MCU 8bit -
LCM Power Supply 2.8 V
LED Power Supply 3.2 V
Color Depth 262K TRUE COLOR -
LCM Driver IC ST7789V -
CTP Driver IC without -


Certificate of honor



Company Overview  

we are a professional manufacturer of TFT lcd display and capacitive touch module

10 years

more than 10 years of industry experience
Plant area of 2500㎡
The factory covers an area of 2500 square meters, which is used for the development and production of TFT LCD modules andcapacitive touch screens.
$25 million
The output value of domestic and foreign trade is close to $25 million
ERP system
use ERP system to better manage materials, production and customers
Production equipment
6 production lines, including automatic production line, automatic backlight assembly machine, automatic
Long-term cooperation, stock for sale
Our products can support small batch supply and long-term supply, and 80% of customers have cooperated for more than three years.



Q: Can we customize products? What fees will be included?

A: Products can be customized, but TFT LCD modules have different mold costs, including FPC, touch screen,

backlight, border, etc.

Q: Payment terms?

A: PayPal can accept samples, but credit card and T/T pay for mass production in advance.

Q: What is your delivery method?

A: Shenzhen ships goods to your Hong Kong freight forwarder through DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT.

Q: Is the product in stock? How long can you deliver?

A: Our standard screen keeps 5000 pieces for a long time, and we will prepare three months of raw materials,

after payment, standard screen stock samples will be sent within 3 days; Small batch delivery takes 2-3 weeks;

Large volume delivery takes 5-6 weeks.

Q: What kind of packaging? Won't the shipping process be damaged?

A: Our products are divided into two categories, small and medium-sized screens are packaged in aircraft boxes,

and all packaging is protected by outer boxes and bundles to ensure the safety of material transportation.

Q: How to control product quality?

A: The company has a professional quality team, all products are 100% inspected before shipment.

Q: How long is the warranty and service of the product?

A: The general warranty period is 2 years. It depends on the different products. We guarantee that our products

are free from defects by the manufacturer. Liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement of any

product found to be defective in normal use.

Q: Can you provide product drawings and test reports?

A: According to customer needs, our company can provide product-related information and test reports.

Q: Are the product specifications Chinese or English?

A: The product manual version is available in English and Chinese versions.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A: Our standard screen starts from 1 piece.

Q: Are you open to OEM machining?

A: Yes, we can do it.

Q: What is the product application?

A:Products can be widely used in HMI, handheld terminals, household medical products, instrumentation, white goods,

oil injection machines, automobiles, AOI and other fields.

Specification Download







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